Unable to find anything about rigging/animating viewmodels

Ive been trying to work on making a viewmodel using Egomoose’s tutorial but the way they had created it you cant use any sort of animations on the viewmodel and nothing in the comments seem to explain a way that this could be changed to work

the only difference is that i changed things to be R6 rather than R15 and the way it replicates to the server i have my own system for that i created in the past

ive tried animation controllers, humanoids, or welding it to the right arm of the viewmodel but whenever welding it to anything but the head you could no longer properly use the aiming system since it would be completely off

Any sort of ideas on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated

I had figured this out, rather than using the weapons weld and adjusting that for the aim i adjusted the weld of the root that the whole rig was attached to and rather welded the gun to the right arm

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