"Unable to find module for asset id" error

So, I am making a portfolio in Roblox Studio and every time I test the game from the studio, there are a lot of errors that are identical:
"Unable to find module for asset id [same id]. Does the asset have a ModuleScript named “MainModule”?"

I don’t have any scripts that I made and I hate all this mess in my output lol! so if anyone knows how to solve this please tell me in the comments! Thanks in advanced!


It looks like there is a Folder in the Terrain for some reason with require codes or something else, Idk. Looks like a infection or something. Do you use free models in the game?

The model wich want to load is this: ScreenGui3 - Roblox

Maybe look if you have any infection in your game.

If you in the Studio any click Play look in the Explorer and check out if you find a Folder in the Terrain.

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Yeah, I downloaded a anti virus for roblox studio and now there is no more errors like that so uh I guess I had a virus… :frowning:

Thanks for telling me because I thought it was a problem with studio and not a virus!

Oh, I give you one tip. Do never use Free Model anti viruses. The most time they are a virus :laughing:. Best is if you do your own.

Oh, ok.
I will try to find a good one or i guess make my own

Do you think game guard is a good anti virus?

I don’t know, I never used It. But I find every anti virus strange.

The only one anti virus i use is this one:
Server Defender | OFFICIAL PLUGIN - Roblox