Unable to fireclient removeevent

I want to fireallclients when players dont spawn in my game because i set no spawning but i am unable to fireallclients

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Can you give more information? For example, the line of your script that fires the event, and the error in the console if there is one.

the code pls, since we have no info whatsoever to fix your problem




Was there any error in the console?

i have no errors it just doesnt make a chat message when i fire event to all clients

What code receives the event?

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instead of firing all clients to spawn in a character, you can use :LoadCharacter() to spawn in your character if you disabled auto respawn.




keep in mind LoadCharacter() can only be called on the server

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i have it so i dont load the character cause in the game you dont know use your player

a local script that sets the uicore to a systemmessage

Can you show us the client localscript you have to handle the firing?

the localscript is just onclientevent and then the setcore for the system message and sry for late reply

FireAllClients does not require player inside of it.
^ I assume you used FireClient before you tried FireAllClients.

Also, the remote Announce, where is it located?

i need the remotevent to transfer a plr name

I am trying to figure out where the remote Announce is.

its in a localscript that uses setcore

So what do you want to do. Do you want to pop up a Message to all Players that one Player has entered the Game?

I think what @Owl was saying is that if your remote event (Announce) is created by the server, or you do not have it in Replicated Storage, it will not receive the message from the server.