Unable to import meshes or images

whenever i try importing meshes using the asset manager i get the error
“Failed to get mesh id for asset id 12355163677”
“Error while retrieving mesh content: HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error)”
and whenever i try to import an image from the toolbox i get the error
“Dragged object cannot be inserted.”
it’s been having this issue for about 10 hours and i only started having this issue today.

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use the new mesh importer then if it didn’t work…

where’s the new mesh importer?

go to the Avatar Tab, then you can see it

that has fixed my issue with importing models, but the model is not appearing, and all of the previous models i had in the game are barely visible. i’ve reinstalled studio but the issue is still occurring.

I tried and it worked


I used GianBlox as an example