Unable to join a different place using place URL

When setting the Roblox URL to a specific subplace for a universe, I expect the play button to let me join that place directly but instead it just teleports me to the starting place anyways.

Additionally, trying to join any private servers while on this subplace URL will cause this error on joining.

Examples I’ve used:
universe ID (starting place): Roleplay Universe 🏡 - Roblox
specific subplace ID: Roleplay Universe 🏡 - Roblox

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This is a BTRoblox feature.

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This issue has actually been affecting me for quite a while. A good repro is trying to join a voice chat server of PLS DONATE using this link: PLS DONATE 💸 - Roblox

If you try to join any server from the server list on that page, it’ll throw an error showing you don’t have permission to join. If you press the play button, it’ll teleport you to the starting place.

What I’ve found is this is actually being caused by this update… access to all places under a game’s starting place was disabled by default for all pre-existing experiences, which actually ended up cutting off players’ access to subplaces of the games they play through their URLs.

@tareyza Is there any info you could provide on whether this a bug, intentional behavior or otherwise? As you can probably appreciate it has served as a minor inconvenience to people with uses cases like mine that want to join subplaces of an experience via their URL, as you were able to just fine before this update.

Just found this. Seems like the answer is that this is intentional behavior and will not be changed unless the developer toggles on the new feature. Still not sure why it was disabled by default if it was previously enabled for all experiences, though :smiley:

It was inconsistent before. Most ways of joining games did not allow you to directly join the non-root Place. Now that there’s a toggle to explicitly enable/disable it we wanted to make things consistent

That said, if you have the toggle enabled and there’s ways to directly join non-root places that still aren’t working - please post the feature request in the update thread

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lol thank you for pointing that out, I’ve used the extension for so long I sometimes forget I even have it. I have removed it from the post for simplicity.