Unable to join any Roblox game, crashes near instantly

No matter what game I play, I crash very quickly. I’m not sure how recently this started as I don’t play Roblox games very often.

System information:

  • CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz
  • Memory: 16.0 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

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I am running into a similar problem. A short time I could join any game without issues, however, lately Roblox keeps crashing despite the settings having remained unchanged. My computer fulfills every requirement to smoothly run Roblox. My os is Windows 11 Pro.

Typically, the crash occurs when trying to launch from the web browser (in my case, I’ve tried Brave and Mozilla Firefox). Most times the launcher and error warning won’t even appear at all. Sometimes a (not always functioning) workaround is launching from the desktop version.

Perhaps unrelated issue

When the game does launch, the camera and mouse input are extremely laggy, even though the I’m hitting maximal framerate. This hasn’t been happening until very recently. Significantly reducing the mouse polling rate (only to around 300) was a temporary fix.

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crashes have started happening to me at most a few hours ago as well

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Having this issue aswell. Started around 30 minutes ago, and instead of crashing instantly it crashes after 2 minutes. Didn’t open any new programs or install anything, and my client crashed for the first time after a 1hr session.


Perhaps this is the same issue? Although, it does say it has no crash warning, it’s probably the same cause.


I have utterly no idea how, but using Disk Cleanup in Windows, ticking off everything in my C: drive, and cleaning it up fixed the problem.


it amazes me that i can leave a platform for over a month due to crashing issues, come back, and not only have the crashing issues persisted, but they’ve somehow gotten worse to the point where i cant even launch the application without it immediately crashing?

(also the above solution does not work, and it’d be absolutely ridiculous if it did somehow solve it)

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I think it’s been 2.5 months since the last time I’ve been able to join a game, on any device. I’m greeted with a 403 or a

every time I try to join a game.

probably unrelated; most of the crashing issues as of the past month or so have been caused by hyperions addition to the client, as everything was working mostly okay up until the day it was added.

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Most likely. It crashes like the original video, however doesn’t show the loading screen.

I’m quite dissapointed in Roblox, there are so many issues right now, and it feels like the staff doesn’t even care. There’s been like 9 posts like this, and I’m pretty sure not one has been resolved. The current solution seems very hacky and, I’m not sure what was cleaned up but sounds like a coincidence.

The fact that the client is completely unusable for a high percentage of ROBLOX users just shows ROBLOX’s current state.



This bug report is closed, and as a result, there is a smaller chance of Roblox staff seeing your message. It is always recommended to submit a separate bug report, even if the issue appears similar to one that has already been reported.

That being said, if you experience regular crashes, please consider sending us an extended crash dump as outlined in Strategy Three found here.

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