Unable to join games (UK)

I’ve recently been having trouble getting in to games as well as my own. I’ve made sure it isn’t my internet but this what I get whenever I try to join something:

This has started a couple of hours ago and I thought it was temporary. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced it as I have had a similar issue on the 1st of this month.

The error says they are experiencing issues, this isn’t your fault, they may be experiencing issue is the UK, but it’s probally not only you.


Absolutely agree, this looks like a Roblox error. Possibly a problem either with that game or Roblox’s connection to the servers. Recommend the basics; restarting PC, trying other games.

It’s not only my game, it’s all of them.

Just you, managed to join a few games with no issues. Both new and current servers. Unable to repo

Also in the UK.

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I’m no longer facing the issue, it was at that time for about 2 hours.

Unfortunately, I have not found any in-depth information about this error, except that it’ll solve itself over time.

Not really accurate about the errors. :frowning:

Yeah, he did say it lasted for about 2 hours on the post above you,

Also, happy cake day!! :cake: :cake: :cake:

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I have the same problem but i am in australia.


That’s a completely different error. If it still consists try making a topic on it to get it reviewed.

Agreed, this are all unique topics that have too many variables to narrow down an exact cause. I recommend posting this as separate bug reports and leaving it at that.

I have two predictions, it could be roblox getting ready to shutdown for a update in your country, another predict is the ServerStorage into the game, A Map/Model could be not suppose to be in there, contact the developer or roblox.com/support for more evidence! Thanks for posting this so we can get it figured out as soon as possible.