Unable to join my game on Roblox or in Studio


For the past 15-16 hours, my developers and I have noticed that we are unable to join my game. When we attempt to join on roblox, it loads us into a server, but it keeps saying “Joining Game” at the bottom, with us being stuck on the thumbnail screen. When we try to load into the game on roblox studio, it simply just crashes.

I’ve been hoping that this was an issue on Roblox’s end, but seeing how long it’s been happening for, I am starting to think it’s something to do with my game.

Anyone know as to why this may be happening, and a potential fix? We are trying to release the game soon but this is really impacting us!

Thanks in advance!

This is the screen we are stuck on in Roblox.


It might be a issue on Roblox end as there have been quite a few reports of people not being able to launch their game. But your issue seems slightly different from the others, do you by any chance have any Beta features enabled on your game?


If you have a

while true do


without a wait it will break, but that’s kinda obvious and I don’t think that’s the case. Especially since you and your team seem to know what your doing

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Try pressing F9 to open the developer console and see if there are any errors.

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You can check any errors that have popped up in the Creator Dashboard, hope you find something there!

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Well, I’m really hoping it is a roblox issue! And to answer your question, no, we do not have any beta features enabled in-game. The only “special” feature we have is microphone permissions, but I don’t think its so beta anymore and could cause problems. Thanks for your input!

Thanks for the suggestion! While I don’t think my programmers would make a mistake like that, doesn’t hurt to double check!

Oh wow, I had no idea, thanks!

Hello there (I’m a programmer for this game),
only errors are random script timeouts (mainly from CoreGui) sometimes and (obviously) scripts yielding.

The game does load for me but it takes a lot of time to load then, after few minutes, it gets extremely slow for around 5 minutes, then, after this delay, everything’s smooth again.

Might be important to precise that my computer isn’t slow while in the game and everything runs just fine outside of ROBLOX Studio, only ROBLOX Studio is slow and lagging.

Here’s micro profiler when joining the game:

And here’s what windows indicates me (I don’t have a potato computer though):

And that’s micro profiler after around 5-10 minutes of slideshow:

& windows

And here’s the output:

That is really weird, it doesn’t seem to be caused by a loop (no timeout here) and neither is it from my computer’s CPU or GPU :man_shrugging:

EDIT: after inspection, I believe it was indeed from a script, checking that right now.