Unable to join my game

Posting here because I can’t post in bug reports yet.

I am developing this game(more of a place really) and I am unable to join it. It keeps saying “Waiting for an available server()” and I’ve got it up to the 800s. I have looked through the forums and found very few posts about this issue and have tried all the applicable solutions(I think). This is NOT just a problem on my end. I had someone in another country try, so not just the nearby servers either. I’m also able to solo play in studio.

The only change I made before and after I’m unable to join is adding more terrain. The file itself is less than 20 MB.

My game has streaming enabled and I’ve lowered render distance(or whatever) to as low I am willing. I’ve looked through the developer console to find and fix whatever errors I can, and have, and I’ve noted that the memory used in studio is much higher than when playing the game. As far as I can tell there aren’t any memory leaks.

Moving my game to a different location, as in making a copy and publishing that, is a last resort I would rather not go through.

This issue has been going on since July 4th.
If there are any additional details needed, I will provide them.

Here is the link: Home - Roblox

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Not here to solve your problems but you dont just post on bug reports, you have to DM someone idk who it is I dont remember lol. But just so you know lol

Oh, okay. Looking back at the How to page and that’s a lot of steps for bug reports.

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Hey! I don’t know if this is still an issue however if it is I joined and the same thing happened. If you publish the place to another universe/game does it do the same thing?


Maybe @CorvusCoraxx or @LittleGreenBrick can jump in here