Unable to Join or Test My Game

Hello! I am currently working on a game, and something very strange is happening when I attempt to join the game.

If I test the game in Studio with one player (simply by pressing the play button in Studio) or I join the published no one else in the game on my computer, everything works fine.

However, if I:

  • Join on my iPad (using my alt), even with no one else in the game,
  • Start a test server with 2 or more players,
  • or attempt to join a server with someone already in it,

I will be unable to join the game, and it will be stuck looking like this:

The Roblox logo in the corner doesn’t spin, it just gets stuck like that.

Also, if I disable my script that deals with saving and loading data, there are no issues. I have used that exact script previously, and it works flawlessly there.

If you know what is happening, please let me know! Thanks.

Hhmmm. Is it something with your account

Maybe your computer is to old or can’t open games idk

Is there any error printed in the output? If so, what kind of error is it?

Maybe you have a while or repeat loop, which works after the second player joins the server, affecting everybody in the server. Check the script you disabled. It is perhaps there.

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I have tried it on multiple accounts, same results every time. My computer is definitely not too old, I can test much more complicated scripts and games with more players without any issues.

Hmmm. Maybe it’s Roblox studio but idk why sorry dude I am confused as much as you

I thought the exact same thing, but there aren’t any errors. I also checked all of my scripts for loops, I have not found anything that would potentially crash Studio.

Thanks for trying! Hopefully I can figure it out soon.

yes good luck!!!

Try reinstalling roblox studio

Turns out, I was being a bit of an idiot and there was a while true loop with the wait in the wrong location. It was tucked away, so I missed it when I went though everything. Thanks to everyone who replied!

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