Unable to Join Studio nor Games


The issue that has been going around is being unable to join specific games and even Roblox Studio itself. When you hit the Play button, you crash instantly.


For Mac Users, you crash without a message so imagine a force quit.
For Windows Users, you crash with a message that says something like this

However, if you are on mobile, you are still able to access the place as shown here (iPhone XR)


The bug started for me today, around 2 hours ago. After this issue, I immediately clicked Edit (Roblox Studio) but it immediately crashes as well.


Unable to access Studio : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/659979426729295894/705216295381237770/video0.mp4

Unable to play the Game : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/659979426729295894/705216297662939186/video1.mp4




If anyone could join and tell me if you crash or not, would be great. Anyone else having issues?


Make sure to send log files / crash dumps to engineers if you haven’t yet (see bug reporting format for instructions on how to, don’t attach them publicly to the topic)

Can confirm this is happening, however I’m able to join games, just not open studio.

I’m currently running Windows 10 - Version 1903

Happening to a lot of people. Should we mark this as critical?

Thanks for the report, we’re looking into this issue now.

Can you let us know if the crashes have stopped?

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Just tested one of the places that kept crashing and yes, crashing (for me at least) has stopped. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


yup. This error occurred when I tried to test my game in Studio. Also when I try running Roblox as the game client it just closes

For me, the crashing seems to have stopped and I can access Studio now.

Thank you!

Solution - DreamingMind
Please check the content of appStorage.json on you HD

  • Windows: %LocalAppData%\Roblox\LocalStorage
  • Mac: ~/Library/Roblox/LocalStorage

If the file is empty, delete it. If it is not, please copy it somewhere safe and then delete it. Then restart Studio and Player and see if it helps.

I don’t know how to do this. Any help?


I want to say that this error is criticalbugs since it affects alot of people specially in EU as far as I know. It halts all kind of development and gameplay which is crucial for roblox!

Can confirm this issue has been lasting for 2 days straight. Studio will keep logging you off. The player model is not loaded in and is substituted with “unknown” playermodel as shown in the picture above. Many games freezes completly up when joining. Usually the roblox icon is rolling, but in the case of freeze the physics is set to 0.

I can join studio, but I gets randomly logged out (I am logged in after I reopen, but it doesn’t stop the issue permanently) and randomly unable to load places, happens really often, happened last time I tried to open studio.

I have it to i get stuck on the join page

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