Unable to keep more than one studio window open at a time AND unable to open some local files

Whenever I open a new Roblox Studio window while having one open while that happens, I’ll get this prompt, since Roblox studio, for some reason is trying to force some update. This is like my fifth time updating today, I’ve deleted my Roblox application files since this happened for the second time in order to make a fresh start for further updates, but that does not seem to get rid of the issue.

When opening a new roblox studio window with one already open, I get these.

After clicking Cancel I get this
The second place I wanted to open, does not open after clicking Cancel and when Clicking “Ok” the second studio window opens as it should.

This bug happens with personal and group places

Another issue I ran into is that I’ve been unable to open local place files since this bug has appeared.

After logging in I get sent to the homescreen, without the local place I selected, actually opening.
I can however ultimately open SOME local files using the “Open…” button within the FILE tab in the top left corner. If I happen to attempt to open a file using this method and fail, I’ll get sent directly back to the home page.

Roblox Studio has been acting weird with prolonged update load times, with some just freezing when almost completed, since last week. But issues have increased, namely with these two popping up, since this afternoon for me.


How exactly did you “delete” your Roblox application files? Did you uninstall it through the Control Panel or did you dig through the folders and delete the files yourself manually?

This is what I’ve done

Try uninstalling it through the control panel instead.

Win10: Go to the control panel and “Uninstall a program”

Find roblox. Right-click it and select “Uninstall”

Deleting a program’s files manually is a good way to mess up your system. A bunch of other things (registry keys, configuration files etc.) aren’t deleted when you delete programs manually.

I Just realized this as soon as I read your prior apply. It’s a bad habit that stuck to me. Once it did help a long time ago in the past, so I continued doing it.

Apparently studio happens to work perfectly fine now, now that I’ve used the control panel to reinstall things. Thanks for the help.