Unable to launch Local Test Server

Everytime i try to open a Local Test server it wont work because there is still a player window open which will not close on cleanup in the original place.
The issue can also cause the server to launch with double the amount of players.
If that happens, the first amount of players will not be able to get their savedata from the datastore for some reason.

– Edit
I asked my friend if he could try to replicate the issue and he told me he had the same issue when he tried the steps.


I have tested if the issue also appeared on my laptop and it did!
Here are the specs of my desktop :
The processor is an Intel Core i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz (bug in program i guess)

Here are the laptop’s specs :
The processor is an Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz.

Steps to replicate issue:

  1. Open a local test server with 1 player or more.
  2. When the players are loaded in, close the server window by rapidly spamming the Close window button. (not by clicking cleanup).
  3. Once the test server is closed quickly open another test server.
  4. Quickly press the Cleanup button.
  5. Launch another server and wait for the players to load.
  6. Click the cleanup button on the original place.

Doing this will make the player’s their windows not disappear whenever you press cleanup until you restart studio.
Closing the server window will still close the players its window’s and clicking cleanup on the server its window will aswell.

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I am still having this issue and it is frustrating me a lot. I was wondering if there is any temporarily solution for this.

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I have an update on the repro steps.

Once you see ID 17 for the players, the bug is active and each time you click cleanup, the client windows will never close.

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I would imagine this is the problem. The cleanup button exists to close the existing ports in the studio testing session, and do exactly as it says: clean up.

Albeit, it still is a bit annoying to be forced to clean with that button, rather than closing the windows individually.

I often launch a test server and instantly remember i forgot to change something, the cleanup button is disabled so i always quickly close the server window so that i dont have to wait a full 2 minutes to let it finish starting up and closing again.

I really dont like waiting and im used to clicking the X button to close windows quickly.

This always happens to me every time i use studio now because im used to clicking X on the player windows & server window due to experiencing this issue too much.

This can also just happen randomly when the server or client just freezes causing the window to not close in time.

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I have now been experiencing this issue for almost 3 years and its been 2 years ago since i had posted about this issue.

This issue is really annoying as it wastes almost 1/2 hours of time per week due to having to close all of the windows when it fails to launch a server and wait for studio to start a new test server again constantly.

Is there something that could be done about this? It would really help if there was something that would automatically force close the test server and client windows when this happens.

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I am experiencing this bug also. Asking for a friend to help on a testing place is way faster, but a friend may not be always available.

Roblox please fix this issue

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