Unable to listen to sounds after hitting run


After making a cannon in studios, I decided to test it. I hit “Run” and then found that the audio didn’t work. However, when I tested it with my avatar after hitting “Play”, the sounds worked just fine. After awhile, I realized your unable to listen to audio using “Run.” I’ve attached a rbxl file that can be used to replicate this:

NoSoundIfYouHitRun.rbxl (13.0 KB)

This is a default Roblox level with a part holding a sound object set to loop and to play when the game starts. To replicate the bug, just hit “Run” and you should notice that the audio isn’t playing. If you hit “Play”, you should hear the audio.


If you need to be at a specific area that is away from the spawn location, you can use “Play Here” which will spawn you where your camera is located. It’s not a solution to the problem, but simply a workaround if your cannon isn’t near the spawn.


Thanks! I’ll definitely use that for now. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t believe that this is a bug?? To my knowledge, we’ve never been able to here sounds from simply clicking “Run”?? I’ve always thought that sounds wont play without a character?


Am not sure how long ago, But I distinctly remember being able to listen to sound effects by using “Run”… But hopefully am not going crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the report, I’ve reproduced the issue.


It’s a bug because non-global sounds use camera instead of character to determine sound volume.
Even if player/character is nil, the camera exists, and should replicate the sound.