Unable to load plugin icon

Here is the code:

local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar("ROBLOX JSON")
local button = toolbar:CreateButton("JSON Text", "", "rbxassetid://8855963061")

After saving the plugin, I received this in the output:

You might want to check if your image was put off-sale or moderated. That might be the reason why.

If it is moderated, then slightly change the image (it could even be a pixel), and then re-upload it or else you’re image will get moderated again. When you re-upload your slightly edited image, it shouldn’t get moderated again.

Here’s the image of the icon:

I made it in Paint3D and saved it as .png.
And this is the asset ID of the image: 8855963061

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Yep. I was right. Your image is moderated, which is why you can’t use the icon. Images/ButtonIcon - Roblox

Slightly edit the image (even to the tiniest pixel) and then reupload it and it should go through this time.

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WOW! It worked! Thank you very much!

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