Unable to load rbxasset://avatar/characterR15V2.rbxm , among other errors

I’ve had this problem for months. When I start Roblox Studio and enter my experience, two errors automatically appear:
The first when I was just starting my experience in Roblox Studio:
Al inicio

And the second when I try the experience.

I tried deactivating all the plugins and it’s still there. They appear to be unreachable errors for the user because the script cannot be accessed to check where the problem is. I also looked at other posts and it seems like a Roblox asset is missing or something similar. While it doesn’t hurt my game, it’s still annoying to have it there. If anyone else has had this happen or if there is a solution, I would be happy to read it.

Comment: I speak Spanish and I translated this message into English. Sorry if you notice anything misspelled =)
Thank you!

Hello :wave: This issue is from a plugin you have installed.

You can either uninstall the plugin to prevent the error from happening or request that the plugin creator fix the issue.


Hello, solved. I appreciate it a lot. For months I couldn’t find where that error was coming from. =)

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