Unable to load trades list


I’m unable to load any of the trade pages on my home internet.
When I try to, these errors come up:

On desktop:

On mobile:

I tried checking the trades API page to see if any of the endpoints would work (on my home internet), and this was the error I got:


My trades only load when I’m using a VPN on my computer or using cellular data on my phone.

When it started occurring

I don’t trade often but I don’t remember seeing this error come up before when I did.

I looked around in popular trading discords like Rolimon’s and from what I could see, numerous people were experiencing it today, then before that people were talking about it in February, then before that in May of 2020.


I think this has to do with the trade inbound API being throttled as Roblox recently implemented a stricter limit. Are you using any extensions such as Roblox+ that retrieve your inbound trades repeatedly in a short amount of time?

I do have Roblox+, although I’m not sure how the API doesn’t throttle on a VPN or cellular network as opposed to my home internet.

Your actual address that Roblox records may be changing more frequently when connecting via these methods.

You should try turning off Roblox+ on your computer and see if that resolves the issue there.

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Hello. Can you please confirm whether the issue has occurred since? Thanks!

Your not the only one my Inbound trades don’t even bother to load at all but completed, outbound and declined seem to work just fine.

I haven’t had this occur since. Seems like I may have been being throttled on my home internet.


Thank you. Should the issue reoccur, please create a new topic for us to look into.

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