Unable to open a game

I do not know whether this is the right category

So, I was going to hop into my place but then I get this error


So, I check on the devforums and find a similar error but a different message to mine.
I try following their solutions, nothing works, I then reinstall roblox studio and still broken.

Thing is, it only happens in one specific place, i open another place in studio, and it is ok, what is the issue?


You should post this under platform feedback, studio bugs. There have been some similar issues lately and I think roblox staff are looking into it.


I had the same error, dont worry, I just waited some hours and retried, everything was perfect!
And remember to post under the correct category! :slight_smile:

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Roblox are currently experienced issues, their engineers are working on this!

Make sure to check the announcement channel whenever something like this happens!

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