Unable to open specific game of mine, error 500?


  1. Open this game in Studio:

  2. Error messages:


  • The place geometry loads and all my packages/scripts still work within it
  • Game Explorer/Asset Manager refuses to load my universe after the fact, I can’t do much with my game
  • It affects only this game for me
  • This started happening within the past month (been busy so not certain, just noticed today)
  • I’m on the latest version of Studio
  • I use Windows 10 on a mid-end rig

One of the first things I tried, doesn’t resolve it. Presumably it’s a server issue?


Roblox has a data limit for uploading. If you try to upload a gigantic terrain for example, an error will happen

Or, it’s corrupted

I remember it happened to me before

It’s a pretty small place with no terrain. The place itself opens but the universe doesn’t let me see my assets in the game explorer/asset manager.

Closing out this old thread to mark a solution.

Roblox reached out to me about this bug and we discussed it. I had to use some tooling to see what was failing when I tried to open it - IIRC it was something to do with a corrupted/mismatched DataModel asset table.

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