Unable to open the Place


So my friend is trying to join my team create however nothing he does seems to make this error pop away.
Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

I never had this issue myself so I really dont know how to help him.
And yes his firewall is off. He also did reinstall studio/shut it all down/ etc.

The team create map also has legit no scripts or objects in it. He just simply cant join.


I’ve had this issue and I believe I fixed it by logging out and logging back in.


This error is commonly caused by something going wrong in the Team Create server side. Is your friend able to enter other Team Create places?
In addition, servers will commonly reset after 10-15 minutes of no connection, so I would recommend waiting a while and seeing if you can reconnect after waiting. If this problem persists, seeing this user’s logs would be appreciated (on windows these are found in %localappdata%/roblox/logs, send the ones modified when this problem was occurring). PMing me those would be immensely useful.
Also, we don’t recommend turning off your firewall. If a connection to Studio was working previously, a firewall is likely not what is causing the problem.


We found the issue with the team create and honestly its only more confusing.
It only breaks up when he opens team create via Studio App.

If he opens it up through the website though it works perfectly fine.

So possibly its a issue with the application?


I agree that this sounds like an application issue. If you could PM me the logs if this problem still occurs, that would go a long way to helping us resolve this issue.


I will attempt to obtain the logs from my friend on monday. Can not do it saturday, or sunday due to him visiting his father. Sorry DX