Unable to parse XML attributes?

Hi guys!
I randomly receive this error in my (round based) game and although it doesn’t break the game fully, it stops players from teleporting and a few other things break.

I can’t see the line where the error is coming from and so have no idea what to do!

Any ideas?



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I can confirm this, I just saw this in my place too.

I’ve no clue what the root of this issue could be… (I assume something on ROBLOX’ side tough…)

Yeah :confused:

I only started experiencing it the other day and players have been complaining because it breaks the round every 10 minutes or so.

Not sure what it is affecting or how it is being affected exactly though.

Which admin should I tag in lol?

Nor sure, but maybe move it to Client / Studio bugs :slight_smile: ?

Yeah, I moved it!

this has been around for some time now. it doesn’t seem like it’s causing any problems at all.

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