Unable to play a moon animator animation in game

hello, I have created an animation for pulling a lever for my game

but, after following this tutorial How to Make Your Animation Play In-Game | Moon Animation 2020 - YouTube and trying to have it in my game it ended up looking like this

(I tried grouping the dummy and the lever together, having the lever as a separate model which made it work practically the same was as you see in the video, having the dummy alone which made it do nothing, and having the bottom part of the lever anchored which made it even more inconsistent and sometimes not work at all, did i do something wrong? is there some other prerequisite to exporting animations from moon animator now? I tried looking for solutions on the forum (and even different ones) but they’re all either outdated, didn’t work, or do not include a prop (I have no problems with exporting humanoid only animations)

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