Unable to post new topics or reply anywhere

I’m Unable to post any forums anywhere else, Its just blocked me from doing so.

I can’t add different forum placing and can’t speak in other forum post’s, My trust level is (member) Do you know whats going wrong?

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I didn’t understand half of what you said. What is adding different forum placing? What is posting any forums anywhere else?

From what I heard, you can’t post topics or reply to topics. I have no idea what is wrong. Try these bullets:

  • Restart your computer
  • Exit out of chrome (or whatever browser you’re using) and reopen it
  • Exit out of the DevForum and reopen it

You are most likely trying to post in a category. Most categories are locked, and you will have to select a subcategory to post a topic.


It has an (X) on the Post Topic


I was able to post in them before.

I can only post here.

For some reason.


First of all, which part are you replying to?


Or maybe this?

Unable to post into any forums.

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Sorry, but it’s very hard to understand you. What do you mean by

What is (X)?

When you hover of the (Post new topic) it has a red X over it.

You mean like this symbol?

Try creating a new topic wherever you can, without posting it, and changing the category. If you are able to post here, you can change the category to another section.

Are you picking a subcategory before posting? You can’t post in most top-level categories.

Since you can post in #forum-feedback and reply here just fine, this is user error. Please be more descriptive in the future.

What is going on is I’m Unable to post in other categories, As I was able to post in before.

I can’t change the categories tag while edit it either.

That’s simply not possible. If you can make a topic here, you can post elsewhere.

Please make sure you are picking a subcategory (e.g. you can’t post in Platform Feedback (#platform-feedback), but you can post in Platform Feedback > Engine Bugs (#platform-feedback:engine-bugs))

I will try that, But I don’t know if it will work, all I’m able to do is add tags.