Unable to properply transfer a mesh from Blender to Studio

Hello Developers!

My friend has just been working on a guitar in Blender and he had added some textures, but when he tries to transfer it into studios, the textures are all lost. My friend tried it as a FBX file and it still did not work.

Here is what it looks like in blender:


In Studio:

Thank you for all of your help!

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Did you UV unwrap the mesh and bake the texture?

It happened to me before, but what I did was I exported the texture as a separate file, then spanked the mesh and put the texture on.

Here is what you do. Select the object in blender, hit tab and a to select all. Open another tab with UV editor and hit new image and name it. Next whilst still in edit mode, go to the uv and hit smart uv and select a margin of 0.03. Once thats done you should see the outline of the texture unwrap in the uv editor window. After that, open the shaders editor of the object, hit shift a and go to search, write image texture, don’t plug it into anything and find the uv image you previously made with the texture unwrap. Make sure you do this for every one of your materials for the object. Lastly go to the render settings and hit cycles, go down to bake, and bake it. I think thats it. Oh and save image. Once in studs go to the mesh and texture id, import the png image you just saved. voila

Alright thankyou! I’ll transfer that to my friend