Unable to Purchase Items from Avatar Inspect Menu Xbox

When playing a game on the Roblox Xbox app players are unable to purchase any avatar items such as accessories, clothing or packages from the in-game Avatar Inspect Menu.

Steps to Repro:

  1. Once in a Roblox game on the Xbox app, open the Settings Menu.
  2. Go to the players tab and view a players items.
  3. Select a purchasable item and click buy.
  4. The purchase prompt will come up however the player cannot select “Buy Now” to confirm the purchase.

Other aspects about the issue:

  • If a player attempts to purchase an already owned package but currently have less Robux than what the package is selling for, than they will be prompted to purchase more Robux rather than a prompt coming up stating they have already purchased that package. (this may also occur with other items like accessories or clothing however I was only able to test with packages).

  • If a player does not have sufficient Robux to be able to purchase an item they will be prompted to purchase more, however the purchase more Robux prompt does not work either.

This issue occurs 100% of the time on my Xbox One S.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


It allows me to purchase but shows that the purchase has failed, Not sure if this is related to this bug or not but thought I’d get it out there. This issue has been happening since 2 days on my Xbox Series S
Edit: Also this is happening in in-game purchases.