Unable to remove audios uploaded by Roblox from inventory

This issue just recently started to happen. I’m trying to clear out all of the audios in inventory, but for some reason, audios uploaded by Roblox can’t seem to be deleted. When I go to the audio’s main page, there isn’t a button on the top right.

I’ve emailed the Roblox Support Team (info@roblox.com), and they’re about to remove the audios from my inventory.

EDIT #2:
They didn’t remove it.


I tried to reproduce the bug by going on a new account and purchasing the audio. The same thing happens.


I think it’s part of ROBLOX’s update where you can’t delete stuff so nobody that gets into your account can delete anything you have.


Hmm, okay. Wouldn’t they have done that for EVERY audio though?

That’s an unintentional side effect of what they did; to prevent things such as accessories being deleted, they check whether the item creator is the Roblox account, and, if so, it doesn’t show the option to delete the item from your inventory. Because of that, audio uploaded to the Roblox account cannot be deleted either.


That sucks. So basically it’s just stuck in my inventory?

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Roblox actually doesn’t let you delete assets created by them. If you still cannot delete an audio, it’s probably a web bug or the model is off-sale. Proof:

Roblox should allow deleting assets created by them but not accessories.


This is still a relevant problem that I would like resolved, unsure if others share the same sentiment. I would like to get rid of some Roblox-uploaded APM tracks from my inventory due to bloat and not wanting to own them (e.g. not going to use them), but due to the lack of inventory management options for Roblox assets I cannot do so.

Was there ever a reason given why we can’t delete Roblox-uploaded content out of our inventories anymore? I don’t recall any such announcement being made nor information released about this. I find it absurd that I have to permanently own something because of some weird artifacts or whatever.


Still a problem and a pretty annoying one, not only for audio but also for models made by ROBLOX…


I’m trying to clean my inventory and this is an obstacle, specially since i barely used any of these, consider adding a way to remove them.


Personally, I find this a major flaw in ROBLOX’s design structure. I recently acquired many new audios and now want to delete them, but I am unable to do so due to an inability to remove audios made by ROBLOX from my inventory, and now they are clogging it up. I guess I’ll have to be careful with audios? This stinks.