Unable to remove texture or change mesh after applying one

Whenever i try to remove/change the MeshPart ID or texture they pop back up when i press enter. It’s like it doesn’t allow me to.

I can change the MeshPart by pressing the browse icon and picking one locally but i can’t change the ID itself.


I’m not seeing this issue. What OS are you using, and what meshes/textures are you using?


Sorry for bumping this, sadly this is still issue and i’m personnaly not able to change ID’s of newly insered meshparts too. There isn’t any other way to change ID expect uploading it again.


This is happening to me too. I can’t change any textures.

me too,when i want to make a statue for myself and i want to delete the texture ID,it pop up a small page and i saw the texture id is in the URL list,i want to delete it but it pop up again as i didn’t delete it