Unable to rename objects right after you insert them

Currently, in Roblox Studio, inserted objects are unable to be renamed. You have to reselect them in order to rename them.

The context menu option for “Rename” is greyed out, and the F2 shortcut isn’t functioning.

Expected behavior

I expect to be able to rename instances right after inserting them.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Hey @TheRings0fSaturn, thank you for the report!

We’re working on a new Explorer and Properties panel that will be rebuilt from the ground up.
I’m closing this ticket because we won’t fix this in the current version, but instead address it in the new Explorer and Properties panel. Please bear with us, it will be a massive improvement.

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Sounds good! Thanks for all the work you guys do!

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Any ETA on this? Sounds interesting!

A fix for a very similar bug just went live. Although it doesn’t address the F2 shortcut not working, it should fix the context menu “Rename” being greyed out!

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