Unable to renew my premium membership


I recently tried to change my payment info for my premium and instead the billing settings page and the premium page basically locked me out of doing either. I cannot see any option to renew or change my payment info. The buy buttons on the premium page are unable to be clicked and I can’t see anything but the expiration date on my billing settings. I am concerned about my membership ending because I have over 100 UGC items on sale right now.

The steps I took to get here is that I:
1: I hit cancel membership under billing settings.
2: I hit renew under billing settings.

I am still getting an email that says:


Here are some screenshots of what I am seeing on both the premium page and the billing settings page:


It says we can repurchase once it expires, but I feel like this is a terrible user experience. I should be able to renew before it expires. I am not sure if I should consider this a bug or a feature request, but it feels mostly like a bug.



The fact that you cannot change your membership subscription while one is active is some next level bad user experience and only causes a ton of anxiety for any creator that have items on sale (not just UGC here, we’re talking clothing creators as well and alike).

pls fix


I could get around it:

I logged onto an alt with no premium. Then I went to buy premium page on the alt and clicked premium 1000. Then I copied the URL of the page where it asks for my payment details. I logged out from the alt, logged back to main and pasted that URL so it opens with my main logged in. Then I entered my credit card info and hit submit order. I successfully got premium 1000 while the buttons were greyed out and I had cancelled my previous membership (it was still in “you can repurchase once this expires” state).

I hope this helps.


I only pay for the $4 member ship and I couldn’t change my membership or deactivate it this was 2 weeks ago.


I’m also experiencing this issue. I have a membership that expires tomorrow, I have emailed Roblox to get some more information regarding the expiration as I have many active games and my membership expiring, even for a few hours, would lead to massive loss of revenue. I asked CS if they could let me know the time it expired, which they were unable to do. This problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible!

EDIT: I followed @SiberianCatKitten’s method above - I went to the checkout page and was able to start a new subscription manually – meaning any days on my old subscription seems to be lost. (although thankfully for me, just one day)


Just going to share my recent experience with this: I had to cancel to downgrade since I don’t want to be paying $20 for extra robux each month. I put up a reminder for the 14th because that’s when it said it would expire and I wanted to rebuy premium as soon as I could. It wasn’t expired by the time I got my reminder so me being the smart person I am decided to just remember later.

Well, I forgot and only realized today that my premium expired. I was getting hit with the 90% market fee for the past 3 days. I lost so much potential profit and this really sucks for me because I use Roblox as my full time job. I have bills to pay and those 3 days were very important.

There should be a way to just change/update your membership information without waiting for the previous one to expire.


I’ve been experiencing the same problem so many times that i lost the count. I mostly feel you.


This is still an issue. I am attempting to change my plan too as my annual one runs out on 14th April. Are there any plans to allow us to start a subscription that just extends the dates by a month instead of removing all the leftover days?


I just ran into this issue this week. I needed to change my billing details, so I figured I should cancel the “automatic renewal” so that I could set up a manual renewal with new billing details. It turns out I can’t set up a renewal at all now, and I have to wait for Premium to expire completely.