Unable to restore drafts error?

I keep getting this warning when I open a certain place
Only occurs in 1 place. There are no drafts or anything like that being stored, so not sure what I’ve done to cause this error.

Not sure what category to put this under


Maybe you got disconnected or something while creating/editing that place and maybe some of the recovery files or scripts have been removed. Not sure. That happened to me last time after I got disconnected.

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What does it mean to get disconnected? I get that disconnected or scripts didn’t save message often and it’s so frustrating to come back every time to the script recovery widget, which doesn’t even recover all scripts. Some no longer exist. Is this a bug?

Not sure if it’s a bug, maybe a glitch? Sometimes when you’re scripting something and studio just crashed, your scripts might not save and it will prompt every time you re-open the studio. Some of the scripts might not appear when it’s deleted from the place or something.

If this does end up being what Ninjo’s issue was, a good solution is to use Rojo. Rojo allows you to store your scripts in the actual file structure on your computer, making it inherently more reliable. It also allows for a version control system like Git so that you can revert changes if something does manage to get corrupted.


Perhaps a dumb question here, but imma ask anyways. Since these scripts are stored, is there a possibility that they can deleted or sent to recycle bin, if you were to run cleanup or ect. Asking because I do this often to maintain performance on pc. That would be a huge problem.

Hate to reopen an old thread, but I’m having this issue and can’t figure out how to resolve the error. The sub-error is “Files are missing or corrupted” and then it lists 1 file.

I can only click “Ok” and it happens EVERY TIME I open the project in studio. It’s fine that the file is missing or corrupted LOL but I’d like the error to go away, remove the file, ignore it … whatever. The endless notification is super annoying.

Is there any manual way to solve this?