Unable to restrict a game while having it listed on the group's games page

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make a restricted access game that shows on the group games tab. I want to use permissions in Game Settings to control access to my game and permissions (especially the play one) are only effective when the game is marked as private.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I would not need to needlessly use valuable, unreliable or unviewed spaces (group wall, group shout, group description or force users to access Social Media) to make the existence of my place known. The group games tab is intuitive for quickly viewing a group’s playable games and I wish for my games to be up on that space while also being able to further restrict play access.

Sample use case

Imagine a group with the following ranks:


Setting the game public means anyone can play. Setting the game to group only means only group members can play. I want specifically only certain ranks (Admin and above) to play this game. Setting the access to group only will still allow Mod and below to play, so I must set the game private. As a result the game gets unlisted so I have to share my place link amongst these users. It’s fine as a smaller group but on a larger scale, there’s no intuitive and easy-to-access venue to see said game.

Additional information

I’m not sure if this is the work of an extension or if it is native, but profile games have the public/private and listing option divorced. That’s pretty much what I’m looking for.