Unable to save or publish games

Reproduction Steps

Make a new game.

Attempt to save or publish to Roblox.

You will get an error message.


Expected Behavior

Roblox publishes or saves my game to the servers fine

Actual Behavior

You get an error box saying that Studio could not save the game.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Connectivity
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly

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Does this occur 100% of the time you try to save a game to Roblox?
Also, Is there any more info in the Output Widget?

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Yeah, I have been unable to save since I got home.

All I see is this

Seems as if this is because I connected a VPN and it logged me out.

Would have been nice to receive some sort of warning.


yeah, this happened to me once. I worked hours on a game without saving and this message popped up. I closed Roblox Studio and opened it back up and all my progress was wiped.