Unable to scroll on chromebook

As you may know roblox is on quite a few platforms:Windows, Mac, mobile.
But it is also on Chromebook and with that comes a few problems.
I wont go listing all of them, but I’ll just talk about the one that has been bugging me the most

So on Chromebook it uses the google playstore which allows you to download mobile games. One of them being roblox. Now ever since I first used roblox on chromebook i was able to scroll when I was in the app. Then for some reason back in about February of 2020 all of a sudden I’m guessing there was an update which caused you to not be able to scroll on the app. It bugged me a little and I found a few ways to still play games. What I did was I favorited the game on the roblox site. Then open up the roblox and and go to my favorites and play the game. However the only place I can scroll is when I click on my profile. That is the only part of the app I am currently aware is scrollable.

Now that roblox has updated the site and they app with the new recommended page it has basically shifted how to app is. Here is an example of what I am talking about

Old layout

Recently played
Friends playing

New Layout

Recently played
Friends Playing

With this new layout I am unable to easily find and play games that my friends have been playing. Because sometimes I rely on them to find new games.
Here is a video of it in more detail


My cousin plays Roblox on chromebook and this problem is bugging her also. I hope they fix it soon so she can be able to play the games she wants to play.

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This has been a bug for a long time. Your just going to have to wait until they fix it.

Hi @no_clu360 - thank you for the detailed bug report and the video! Can you provide the Chromebook model you’re using? Also, are you using an external mouse to scroll, the trackpad, or touch screen?

Thank you!

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The chrombook model I am using is the HP Chromebook 11
And I am only using a trackpad

Hope this info helps

Hi @no_clu360 - would you please go into your Chrome OS settings and click “about” and confirm which version of ChromeOS you’re using?

Also please go into the About section of the Roblox app (on your Chromebook) and please confirm the number listed next to the “Version” text (for example, 2.442.409372).

Thank you!

How would I get to the about section of the roblox app?

Do I get to that section via the roblox app itself?

I use ChromeOS sometimes, external mouse allows scrolling, trackpad does not work.

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Alright I’ll try and use an external mouse and try and see if it also works as well. But using the trackpad should automatically work as well.

You should try windowed mode and if windowed then fullscreen, vice versa. If that doesn’t fix it, then you should use the website itself, and when you have to launch a game just click the game, click play(on the website), and there should be a prompt/pop-up which will say something like “Always open these links associated with this app” and make sure it’s check and click open Roblox. If there is no prompt and Roblox doesn’t open, then try updating/reinstalling Chrome. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I think your referring to Windows OS at the moment.

The ‘Always open links associated with these apps’ is on Windows.
When using the website it doesn’t redirect you to the Roblox game.

Also you can’t reinstall Chrome on a Chromebook…

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Oops, should’ve known Chrome OS doesn’t support that… I’ve used Chrome OS like once, but never really sticked with it. Thank you for correcting me, I don’t wanna mislead anyone into actually trying a feature that is currently only available on Windows OS, perhaps Roblox support will fix this at some point in the future…

@DrRanchDressing Sorry for the long wait sir.
I have found the information you are looking for

Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 6.21.04 PM

@No_clue90 no worries! Thanks for the additional info :smile:

Still an issue. It probably has to do with the fact that the mobile Android app has no mouse scrolling, so the Chromebook Android app won’t.