Unable to scroll past the fourth row in the new Asset Configuration menu

While opening the new Asset Configuration menu for any of my groups personal assets, I am unable to scroll beyond the fourth row of assets on display, barring me from updating any new assets.
I would also like to note, there is no scrollbar for easy navigation.

This bug is a studio issue that occurs in all of my places, as it is an issue with the new feature itself. This issue happens every time I attempt to update an asset and scroll down the menu displaying my group or personal assets.

Here is a clip displaying my attempts to use the mouse-wheel to scroll down the list.

I just noticed this bug upon my first time using the new Asset Configuration today (8/21/2019) since it’s release.

This is keeping me from updating assets important to my group and community, I am hopeful this issue can be resolved soon.


I just read a post by someone else with a very similar, or the exact same issue here:
Sorry for taking up a post, but perhaps my post will help draw attention since it has slightly more detail.

The post I am referring to:

It seems both of our communities are stuck until a fix is made.

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