Unable to see 'Gotham' Font in-game

When joining any game on roblox I am unable to see the ‘Gotham’ font on UIs, top right leaderboard and speech bubbles. When I running the game on studio the font is fine. This started to occur on January 16th after I had updated the roblox launcher.

Left screenshot is how the gotham font shows for me.

This screenshot shows how the in-game leaderboard and chat bubble looks.

System Specs: Windows 10, intel i7, GeForce RTX 2070 Super


Are you able to check the fonts folder in the client directory? The Gotham font in there may be corrupted

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Are you sure that you have those fonts in Roblox folder ?

Cannot reproduce this issue, it must be on your end.

I checked the fonts in the folder I could see the font file but I could not view it, they must’ve not installed correctly when I updated my roblox. Reinstalling the game fixed this issue, thanks.



Closing topic as author found a solution :slight_smile: