Unable to see premium payout stats on non-group games I'm invited to in team create

I have recently gotten access to the developer stats on a game I have Team Create access to, but the only thing that does not work is the premium payout stats.
It always shows a message that there are delays, but its because i dont have permission to see it.

game link: 🔨Plane Crazy🔨 - Roblox


I have noticed a change in this.
The error message does not pop up anymore now, but the stats will still not show.

Do you have an ad blocker?
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Also, could you do Ctrl-Shift-I, then navigate to console, take a screenshot, and send it here? That way we can see if something did not load.

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I do not have an ad blocker.

Try a hard cache reset. Do Ctrl-Shift-R. That might fix it, if not, tell me.

It did not solve the issue sadly.