Unable to see spotlight

I can see the spotlight in dev mode, but unable to see the spotlight in game.


Make sure the part with the spotlight is anchored.


it is anchored but I can’t see the spotlight

try putting the spotlight under an attachment and move it where you want it.

seeing where the spotlight is im pretty sure the spotlight is just casting light into nothing, idk why it would show that it is casting light onto the object in dev mode ( if this is the case).

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The spotlight is still not working…

i set up that same sort of thing you got going on,
it works for me:


spotlight settings

Here are the spotlight settings im using:

lighting properties

im on future lighting, that shouldn’t effect the outcome.
these lighting properties these are just for this test thing:

idk what the problem could be with your setup, try changing stuff in the properties box’s of “SurfaceGui” and “ImageLabel”, it could uncover your issue, or even just re-make the sign so that everything will have its default properties.

it could also just be a studio issue, try publishing your game and join it on the client to see if the light is there or not.

that’s all of what I can think of what to do to solve your problem

Might it be LightInfluence and LightEmission the problem?

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what does that mean??? What is LightInfluence and LightEmission?

Basic properties on a surface gui, check their properties and make sure the wall you are pointing the light is not using the following material: Neon, neon cannot reflect nor react to lighting…

It doesn’t work either, no matter LightInfluence is 0 or 1
and I changed the texture from Neon to Ice

Make sure the transparency is not to high ? I think this might be a engine bug, oh and also check your graphic settings, set them to max maybe that could fix it too?

Have you tried changing your graphics settings? Sometimes that may cause the bugs with light.