Unable to select amount of players in local server


This has been disabled since yesterday, no idea why.
I’ve restarted computer and all…

I’m able to select an amount with no issue.

  • In case Studio failed to update, what is its version? (File > About ROBLOX Studio)
  • Are you using a custom ribbon XML?
  • If you reinstall ROBLOX does the issue persist?
  • If you have another computer, is the issue present there as well? Or only this one?

Version 0. 309. 0. 152749
Not using any special stuff.
Going to reinstall studio after im done with my update, dont want other bugs to occure until im done.

Change the Server type to ‘None’ then back to ‘Local Server’

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Now it works again…
Didn’t have change server type, just started random studio and it worked…

It’s weird. It happened to me last night.

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