Unable to sell game passes from other players

Hello there,

  1. What do you want to achieve? Create a tip jar where players can buy gamepasses from each other. This isn’t a core of my game, just a nice addition I would like to have.

  2. What is the issue? Something goes wrong while trying to purchase the game pass.

--- I load game passes using this roproxy URL  (game IDs are loaded before)

--- Get their info from the MarketplaceService
Market:GetProductInfo(_item.id, Enum.InfoType.GamePass)
-- Check if they IsForSale is true and pass their ProductId to my shop display

-- When player initiates the purchase I use the game pass prompt
-- But I did try PromptProductPurchase and PromptPurchase to no avail 
Market:PromptGamePassPurchase(Player, ProductId)

  1. What solutions have you tried so far? Tried multiple MarketplaceService function calls, buying the game passes directly (using hardcoded IDs). Double checked to see if Allow Third Party Sales is enabled. If I mess up the ids I get “this item is not for sale” error, so I assume Ids are correct.

I tried doing this both in Studio and in live game. I searched around in the forums, but most people are looking for how to get the gamepass list (which I achieved), not how to properly initiate the sale.

Also, this system is working perfectly fine with clothing purchases. I feel like I either made a very silly mistake somewhere in the code or I don’t know about some kind of limitation (can I even sell other player game passes via my game?)

Note which may or may not be important: my game has no game passes on its own yet. I will try to add something just to check if maybe it helps.

Any guidance might help. Thank you!

Hey. I seen that you tried to use PromptGamepassPurchase however, I see in your gui, it has tips so I believe you should use PromptProductPurchase

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Nevermind, I digress, didn’t see that tip jar gamepass part.

Is this the full code?


I guess it is customary to create a thread describing your issue only to solve it five minutes later. I have done some tests and realized that I was using a wrong variable. For some reason, TargetId was the right one, not ProductId.

Using TargetId I’m ablle to successfully initiate game pass sales. Hope this thread helps someone else who stumbles at the same problem.

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Thank you, I managed to find the solution. Apparently, I was suppose to use TargetId and not ProductId in PromptGamepassPurchase call.

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