Unable to sell / remove limiteds from sale on mobile

Up until three days ago, I was able to sell and put limiteds on sale from the mobile website (not the app), but the option to do both appears to have completely disappeared.

For context, I had two limiteds on sale. The drop-down menu that usually appears on mobile was missing, and thus both the options to “sell” items and to “take off sale” were nowhere to be found!


i think you dont have premium?


I do have premium. This has only recently stopped working on the mobile version of the website over the past week.

Screenshots below show me with premium and the desktop version of the website.


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I am pretty sure you can “request desktop site” to get that option up. I once had to put a free model on sale on the go but I didn’t have my computer and the Roblox app/mobile website didn’t work. But requesting the desktop version worked. I would still classify this as #platform-feedback:mobile-bugs tho.

In short some options are hidden on mobile but requesting desktop site shows them.


You can request the desktop site and it does appear. However while I can click on the dropdown I could not click on any of the options which includes to wear or add to my profile. As previously mentioned there was no issue a week ago, selling and taking items off sale appeared right under “wear” like they are supposed to.

It was approved as a website bug as it does not involve the ROBLOX Mobile App, but the standard website as accessed through a browser on a mobile device.


Bumping this because i feel it is necessary. I am trying to sell my items before my premium ends TODAY, and i am not available at any pc/laptop for the whole day. I cannot sell any limiteds, and from the app, apparently my premium is gone? I clicked it, and it says i have a plan that expires today, however the app doesn’t let me sell. I cannot sell using desktop mode as the popup just keeps disappearing.

I am not sure why this feature was taken away in the first place.

It would also be useful so we could change the price of clothing and other assets while on mobile

I’ve also noticed this issue happens on Ipad too.

I recently bought an iPad and was able to sell items for a few days on that but apparently I can’t do that there now too. The screen (+) is unresponsive to touch.

For some reason desktop ver. of the website on phone can’t register the “clicks” you do with fingers. Example trying to change Avatar Changing Section (screenshot)

You can’t choose what you want to change since the dropdown will close. If that’s just a mobile browser try using the puffin browser since it has a mouse cursor option that you can use. If that’s a web bug try reporting it to the support since i don’t think DevForum is getting staff’s attention enough for web bugs.

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