Unable to set game's Maximum Visitor Count above 100

Reproduction Steps

Go to your game’s page

  • Configure place
  • Set Access > Maximum Visitor Count above 100
  • Save changes

Expected Behavior

I should be able to set the Maximum Visitor Count up to 700 players. (I am registered in the beta program)

Actual Behavior

If set above 100, the maximum player count will be set to exactly 100 upon saving.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: https://roblox.com/
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


I can agree that this is also happening for me, however I am not worried as games tend not to have a need for above 100 players, it is only a nice feature, however there are probably a few games that can run that if the game is not overly advanced.

Also, I really don’t think this bug’s impact should be high as it does not affect every game or even that many to be honest.

Great find!

A lot of developers were using this because it increased the cap for server memory. They grew to rely on this memory increase (6 up to 12 gb) and their games are now crashing and having problems.

Is there going to be communication about this? Is this temporary or permanent? This should have been communicated well ahead of time if this is a permanent and intentional decision.

Really hoping that this is just because of maintenance or some problem.


Any game with over 100 max players cannot configure their place because of this (updating any game setting sets it back to 100), this is a major issue with no workaround for games that rely on 101+ player servers. Sure, this doesn’t affect all games, but the games that it does affect are absolutely ruined.

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Oh wow, didn’t realize it would change to 100 just by simply changing the place. Now I see the problem, this is definitely pretty bad for those games.

I’ve heard many reports of this happening, however I personally can’t replicate this (tried setting player count on one of my random throwaway games from 50 to 700, it let me do it. Setting to anything over 700 doesn’t do anything/caps at 700)

Don’t take my experience as this being the case for others however as despite being in the beta program, I’m always one of if not the last person to get any updates (Heck, I’m excluded from all A/B tests, every single time I see one roll around for others I don’t get it until it’s fully released. Cool beta features I’m getting to test!)

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Looks like this problem magically fixed itself overnight, I can now set maximum player count for my games back up to 700!

Please let me know if this behavior becomes an issue again and I will unmark it as solved, for now it looks good!


Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the lack of response here last night. Happened to see some chatter on other communication channels and we started investigating based on that.

Some settings were flipped back that we think were causing this issue and that seems to have resolved the issue.

This was an unintentional effect of another change. We’ll make sure that the change we intended to make won’t cause this regression again next time we turn it on.

Thanks again for the report!


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