Unable to Sponsor Experience Over 2 Weeks Old


Last week I went to sponsor my game but was greeted with “The target is not eligible for new campaigns.”
After digging through the forums I saw you are supposed to wait 7-10 days before sponsoring.
As that, I waited till after 10 days, but was still greeted with the same message.
After talking to other experienced devs, they say you have to wait 2 weeks.
I have now waited more than 2 weeks but I am still receiving this message.

So, my question is… What am I missing? Why am I still receiving this message?


Bro i have the same problem :<, waiting 10+ days


Same Problem. This is very frustrating.

And the thing is that our game already has 12k visits (over a week)

Im currently experiencing the same thing, the game has been uploaded 2 weeks ago. It doesnt show up in the “continue” list after playing it and i still got the message “The target is not eligible for new campaigns.” when i try to sponsor it… Roblox has to do a safety check for every experience that’s why i guess

For some reason I was able to sponsor my game
Today I privated and made it public again, which may be the cause.
Hopefully we don’t have this problem in the future.

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