Unable to sponsor my game?

I also cant advertise my games.

I just released my new game and hyped it up and I can’t advertise it, kind of angry at this but its understandable a bug like this would happen.

How would I fix this?

Did you check one of the boxes before clicking Create?


I’m unable to select any of them

Are you using any extensions such as Ad blockers etc?

Just tried this to see if i could recreate it, It seems that ad blocker makes it return this error: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT



after disabling the extension it seems to fix this!, Make sure that you disable the extensions that may cause this to happen!


(Test that i just did)


That was the issue :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!!


Duplicate of: Website is not letting me create new sponsorships

Make sure to search before posting. Also, this should go in Website Bugs, not Engine Bugs (I moved it)