Unable to start multi player server tests

I am unable to start a server test in studio

It’ll create the server, but nothing else will occur. Sat for 10 minutes, nothing would occur, no errors in output either

Expected behavior

It to start the server and have clients join


Have you whitelisted Studio in your firewall?

For now, as a workaround, if you press the Start button again, it should start up the test sessions.


I’ve been having similar issues with server tests too.
I’m on Mac and it behaves differently, but server tests still don’t work.

The server and client windows all open but one of the clients always get this popup and refuse to connect to the server:

Afterwards it screws up studio and spams this in console:

Alongside this, saving, publishing, and HTTP requests all fail.

HTTP request:

Having the exact same issue right now. Started happening a couple days ago though, and the only way to fix it is by clicking on “start” again once the server window loads in

Having issues like this as well, sometimes only launching one client.

A workaround I use is to use TestService and Run

same issue here- only 1 client will launch when trying to do multiple

I also have issues with teamcreate unable to load, or any game in general… I cant post a bug report, id assume that its also related to servers.

This issue started for me about a week ago. When I start a multiplayer test, it only opens the local server instance, but not the player instances. My current workaround is clicking “Play Test” again while the server instance is open and then it will generate the player instances. Roblox Studio is whitelisted on my firewall. I am also having an issue where if I click on “Cleanup” on a player instance window, it will only clean up THAT window, and not the others. It will only clean up all instances if you click “Clean up” on the local server instance or the main Roblox Studio instance.

Thanks for reporting this! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and the team will look into it. We’ll keep you updated!


Sorry for the late update - we enabled a fix for this about 3 weeks ago, so you should no longer be running into this issue! Thanks again for reporting the bug to us!

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