Unable to stop selling items owned by a group

I have a few donation shirts under a group of mine that I want to stop selling. The issue is, whenever I go to the item’s page and try taking it off sale, I get a prompt saying I need Builders Club to sell items. I would expect to be able to take it off sale.

The bug happens on https://www.roblox.com/catalog/367989710/Tiny-Donation. I’m using Safari on MacOS.


  1. Wait until Builders Club expires

  2. Go to the configure page for a t-shirt owned by a group

  3. Try unchecking the box for selling the item

I’m not sure when the bug began happening.

Also, I’m unsure if this is limited to only groups or if it also impacts user accounts because I don’t have any personally owned shirts for sale on my account to test with.


A couple different troubleshoot options:

Try repeating these steps in a different browser.

Get a friend with BC to try and do it for you, by giving them the proper permissions. (Not sure if it is an issue regarding your BC status but in the case that it was, this would tell you)

Also, is the error happening in a group that you own on the account you are trying to access it from? Or is it a group that you simply have administrative powers in?