Unable to test due to massive lag spike

Every time I try to open a place in studio or test a place a massive lag spike occurs and in the case of opening a place it opens after a while but in the case of testing it fails and goes back to edit mode.
This MAY be a problem with me having a lot of plugins however it may also be an internal problem as whenever I open my place page after setting it to public access I am unable to enter because of an “unknown error” I know this doesn’t belong in this category but I don’t have access to bug reports so deal with it.
Can anyone PLEASE help with this? It is a severe issue and I am hoping to get it fixed.
P.S. Restarting my computer doesn’t help at all.

A similar thing happened to me a couple days ago. Roblox games were running at an average of 2000-8000ping. It seemed to fix itself for me, but it’s wasn’t in Studio, so it’s likely different for you. Hope it gets fixed soon! :crossed_fingers:

got fixed in the new roblox studio update thx for your support

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