Unable to transfer ownership to non-Premium

What issue am I having?

  • Unable to transfer ownership to a different person that has no premium.

  • Since the new update was released, normal players (non-Premium) can now join and create groups of their own with a 100 group limit. (100 Robux payment to create groups)


  • I’m not sure if this is intended, but based on the logic; wouldn’t you also be able to transfer ownership of groups to non-Premium members aswell? (since Premium/Builders Club is no longer a requirement to create groups.)

Does the bug happen 100% of the time?

  • Yes, this happens all the time when I try to transfer ownership to a different person that has no Premium.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  • Go to group admin, transfer the group ownership to a different member that has no Premium.

I don’t think that’s a bug. It’s always been like that to my knowledge. Edit: Yes it has always been like that. it’s not likely to change.


Well now non-Premium can buy groups so it would make sense they can be given the group.


Most likely a feature not yet updated, as you can see the warning also still includes “Builders Club” in it.

It is a bug, I’ve transferred ownership of a group to a non-premium account. However, that was done on the configure group page instead of the group admin.

This is not working on the Group Admin page yet. It is updated and supported on the new version, Configure Group that is currently only available for Beta-Program users.

Ah, no wonder I was confused for a second. Was searching for the Configure Group option on my alt account and couldn’t find it.

No worries. Just be sure to research it first before making a post about it. It was an announcement post about it which you can view here.

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It’s possible to give non-Premium users groups. I have done it.
I’m not to sure though why you’re having so much trouble.

Problem Solving 1.

Check if your Roblox is up to date.

Even though I’m not ROBLOX Staff, I will look into this best as I can.

This is a website bug, there’s no ROBLOX to update on my end.

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This issue is fixed on the new group configuration page (is only currently available for beta users). Introducing Configure Group

Group > Group Configuration > Ownership > Change the group’s owner

This will probably be fixed for others (non beta) with the release of the new configuration group page.

EDIT: A ROBLOX staff clarified this to me through my private messages; (for non-Beta)