Unable to transfer ownership to some of the users in the group

As a Roblox group holder, it is currently impossible to transfer ownership to a user who’s username gets filtered in the search tab.

I ran into this problem just minutes ago when my friend had asked me to make a group and transfer it to him. If Roblox were to address this issue, it would make it a lot easier for one to move the group ownership without having to worry about the filter.

Alternatively to the suggested idea (since misclicks also happen), there could be a scrolling frame with the existing members since you already need to be a part of it to have the group transferred to you.



The only thing I can suggest is abandoning the group, and telling your friend to claim ownership quickly after doing so.

That is not a viable solution for this. This is not intended behavior and should be fixed.


If this is an issue with the ‘find user’ tool — then it’ll also impact stuff like payouts??

Pretty sure you can’t claim ownership of groups anymore.

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I encountered this issue yesterday and I got around this by using the endpoint available here. Be sure you are logged in. Click the model value on the right and change the userId value to who you are passing the group to.


You can still claim ownership of groups with no owner.


Krunnie probably means that you can’t join groups that are considered ‘closed’ (no owner & join requests)

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No I meant that you can’t claim group ownership at all unless you have it transferred to you.

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Thanks for the report! We will put in a fix for this to directly look up by username if the term is moderated by the search endpoint. In the meantime, I recommend calling the endpoint directly like @Qxest suggested above


You’re no longer able to claim ownership of a group if the Group Owner leaves. When the group owner leaves a group, it’s just owned by no one. In fact it literally says: “Owned By: No one,” and group members no longer have the option to claim ownership of the group.


Hello! This should be resolved. Please let us know if there are any additional issues with transferring ownership.


@BitwiseAndrea Are you able to confirm that it’s no-longer possible to claim group ownership?

You can still claim unowned groups.


I am having this issue again.

I’m gonna need a little more information than that. Is the search query moderated? Is the user not showing up in search? What is the group id and what is the username?


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