Unable to type further after selecting a chat channel (Lua chat)

The Roblox chat GUI supports different chat channels. The most common one that can be found in many games is the Team channel, but it’s possible to create them as a developer. No matter which channel you try to type in, after selecting the channel with a slash command (/t for team), you can’t type anything after it.

This bug happens all the time in every game that uses the default chat GUI.

  1. Type /t followed by a space in the chat box. (Don’t press enter.)
  2. The chat box will be prefixed with [Team], indicating you’re now in the Team channel.
  3. Attempt to type something after it. You can’t.

This bug started happening very recently (within the past day).

This bug is very disruptive for my game which makes use of custom chat channels. My players are unable to speak with each other effectively.

Hope this can be fixed soon.

I’m getting this too, but I’m getting it in the current chat scripts and on a set of old chat scripts from like a year ago.

This issue is caused by a change I enabled on Wednesday, it should be fixed now.

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