"Unable to update" error whenever attempting to join a game

While updating my Roblox game, I was unable to do so with a message saying “unable to update”, as you know.

I tried to troubleshoot this but it hasn’t fixed anything. I’ve possibly erased all contents of Roblox (I’m not sure if I did correctly or not), deleted and installed Roblox, clearing my history, restarting my computer, shutting down my computer, and trying over and over again pointlessly.

It happens every time I try to play a game and has been happening for over a month. All that needs to happen is to hit the play button, and it’ll try to configure the new Roblox player, but ultimately come to the “unable to update” message. This is the only specific area this issue arises and I have no problem in utilizing any other features of the website. It happens to be specifically when I attempt to play a game, as I said earlier. If you attempt to join a game and an update is pending, you should be able to download it swiftly and with no issues. This happens to be the first time this issue has arised in the 3 years of being on this platform.

This is with every game; it doesn’t change if you try to launch Roblox from the dock, a different game, etc. Nothing seems to be working in terms of playing games.

It started probably Jan 8, around 2:00 PST I think, and like I said it’s never happened for me personally prior to this.

I am running macOS Catalina, 13-inch, 2019 (version 10.15.2).

I’m lost! I really need help on what is happening.